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Trading alcohol under bond

VAT: Alcohol wholesalers trading under bond in France

Identifying the circumstances in which registration for VAT purposes in France could become mandatory for a foreign company involved in trading of wines, beers and spirits within French excise warehouses. An increasing number of foreign wholesalers purchase and resell alcoholic...
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France VAT refund process

10 Tips on How to claim VAT refund in France

The Value Added Tax or VAT is a form of sales tax created in Europe in the middle of 1950’s and now in force under different names (VAT, GST and Consumption Tax) in more than 160 countries around the world. In France, this tax is levied on the value of goods purchased or imported...
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VAT: Goods returned to France for repair or processing

As a US based company, we recently shipped a machine to our manufacturer in France for repair and return within 6 weeks in the United States. We have shipped with FedEx on DDP terms and it appears that customs duties and VAT have been charged by Customs upon arrival of the cargo...
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French VAT registration threshold 2016

Distance sales VAT threshold reduced at €35,000 in France

As from 1 January 2016, the new VAT registration threshold for foreign online retailers selling their products in France is set at €35,000 tax excluded. The former threshold in force until the end of the year 2015 was €100,000. Let us remind that the threshold for VAT...
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Guide on VAT penalties and default interests in France

In a press release published on its website September 4, 2015, the European Commission called the attention of Member States on the growing gap found in the collection of VAT within the EU. The VAT gap is defined as “the overall difference between the expected VAT revenue...
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Czech VAT reverse-charge

Czech VAT: Reverse-charge extended from 1 April 2015

Late December 2014, Czech Republic’s Parliament enacted a new law (Act No. 360/2014 Coll.) extending VAT reverse-charge mechanism to some domestic sales. The new legislation was taken in line with the Council Directive n° 2013/43/EU adopted in 2013 to tackle massive VAT fraud in...
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Selling on amazon France

Selling on | France fights against VAT fraud

According to a recent release, more than 2 million merchants sell on Amazon worldwide and more than 2 billion items were sold on Amazon marketplaces in 2014. The number of merchants using Amazon’s FBA program (Fulfilment by Amazon) increased by 65% over the year 2014. In order to...
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Import VAT reverse-charge

France: Import VAT deferment as from 1 January 2015

Following the entry into force of the new Union Customs Code (UCC) as from May 1, 2016, the french customs authorisation known as “Single Window Customs Clearance Procedure” (Procédure de Domiciliation Unique – PDU) is no longer available for new applicants. This permit has...
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Netherlands VAT bank guarantee

Netherlands: Decrease of the amount of Bank Guarantee for foreign importers

The so-called “Article 23 VAT Deferment License” allows foreign importers to avoid paying import VAT when introducing goods into the Netherlands. This special license requires that the foreign importer (from a EU or Non-EU country) appoints a Fiscal Representative established in...
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Import deferment account

Romania: New rules on import VAT deferment certificate

Order no. 1891/2013 amending the Order no. 500/2007 (Minister of Public Finances) related to the procedure of granting the import VAT deferment certificate and of releasing the guarantee for imports of goods was published in the Official Journal of Romania No. 724 of 25 November...
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EU customs duty Jet A-1

EU: Cancellation of customs duties on Jet fuel

As from 1 January 2014, the 28 EU countries will no longer levy customs duties on Jet fuel (HS code: 2710 19 21) imported from non-EU countries. From that date, the current duty rate of 4.7% will be changed in “duty-free”. The suspension regime of duties on Jet fuel...
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